Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Idol Wrap Up: May 5, 2009

Not sure what to expect tonight. It's a good solid theme for once. Another rock icon is prostituting himself in order to kick start his career - although I'll never again think of Slash as a bad boy. Like Lil Rounds before her in R&B night - this is Allison's night to shine or to sink - and I pick shine. I'd love to see her bust out some Joplin. Adam will probably disappoint me a bit more tonight with an overly outrageous, theatrical performance. While I'd love to see him do classic Queen or better yet Zeppelin - I'll predict something from Tommy and the Who. Gokey will bust out the Joe Cocker, if he has any sense, and if he doesn't the Doobie Brothers. And poor little Kris will see his run end - and I cannot imagine what rock song this guy will attempt. Maybe a ballad from Bon Jovi. Well here goes.

Adam: Well I got my wish and I was right - he did disappoint. Maybe I am simply too big a Zeppelin fan, but I thought Adam's version absolutely sucked. Rock God, Cara? Don't make me laugh. Improved Zepellin, Paula? Paaleeaasse. Nobody can top it, Simon? How about everybody? Wasn't Broadway, Randy? Well, you're right there unless Rocky Horror hit Broadway. Talk about indulgent. This was indulgent with a capital "I." He absolutely ruined one of my favorite songs of all time. Grade: D-.

Anyone think I am being too hard on old Adam? I give you Zeppelin:

Allison: Two for two baby. Joplin. Right artist, decent song choice, but I tend to agree with Randy on this one dogs. She had good vocals and did well, but something was lacking. I think she actually held back a bit too much and didn't let that joint loose as my man Slash feared - keeping it real as I must. I fear that Allison's time might be up, but there's always Kris to save her. Still light years better than Adam tonight. Grade: B-

Kris: I am back at the keyboard before he begins - after hearing his selection. My prediction: TRAIN WRECK. No way this guy should either: a) attempt to use his guitar prop on this classic song; or b) sing this song. He should have picked something he could actually sing like Yesterday, or Let It Be (which he'd sure to sing better than that Brooke White disaster from last season) or better yet - Michelle. This is going to completely stink. It will be off key and an unintentional comedy-fest. Can't wait. .... I'm back. It was way better than I thought it would be. I thought the vocals were on key and decent, but it was forgettable. And I'm not sure what guitar stylings Randy was watching, because there were no stylings as usual. Still better than Adam though. Grade: C.

Gokey: Well, the train wreck came one stop late. As soon as I heard his song choice, I knew it was over. What could Gokey have been thinking? The song was way out of his vocal range. It was perhaps the worst song choice in the history of Idol. It was the worst performance by Gokey in the run of the show. It was - dare I say and I heard Megan Joy and the blind guy for weeks - the worst performance of the season. And it was among the worst performances in the history of the show. It totally blew. Totally. Whoever advised him to take on Aerosmith should be fired. Especially when there are endless songs that the guy the guy could actually sing well. Horrible. Grade: 0.

My order: Allison, Kris, Adam, Gokey. As bad as Gokey was, I'd vote out Kris for the body of Gokey's work. I really don't care though. I am now fully behind Allison! Adam's act has gotten old. Seacrest out.